Dr. Andrew Korich

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Current Research Members

David Buck (Class of 2015)

Talon Kosak (Class of 2016)

Heidi Conrad (Class of 2016)

Jenae Linville (Class of 2017)

Pauline Mansour (Class of 2019)

Former Research Students

Lindsey Flaquer (Class of 2015) - (Medical Student)

Samantha Ellis (Class of 2014 – Butler Physician Assistant Program)

Jaquiline Williams (Class of 2014 - PhD Program Purdue University)

Zachary Hamersma (Class of 2014 - MSU Medical School)

Christopher Jackson (Class of 2013 - Butler Physician Assistant Program)

Elizabeth Peck (Class of 2013 - Butler Physician Assistant Program)

Cody Rogers (Class of 2013 - University of Indiana, Biochemistry Program)